Wednesday, October 15

Remembrance Day

Today is the third annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. While I know a little something about pregnancy loss, as a family we don't overtly do too much to remember our babies. We have a framed picture in our hallway that is meaningful to us and we have a box we put in the Christmas tree each year, and I there are certain dates that will always remind me of children I never held. Mostly I try to be diligent in praying and being there for others I know who have lost babies, especially months later when most people have forgotten.

Today I wanted to share a blog that has blessed me tremendously. It is in honor of a little girl named Audrey Caroline who only lived for a couple hours, wonderful hours for her family. If you've heard of the Christian music group Selah, one of the singers was her daddy, but the blog belongs to her mommy. She's a gifted writer, and I hope you will be moved and inspired by her as much as I have been. The story begins last January, and to get the full impact of the story, you kind of have to start at the beginning. But even if you just begin reading today, I think you will be glad you did.

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