Thursday, October 2

Raccoon Repeat

We caught our second raccoon the very next day! This one seemed a bit smaller, but he was a bit more feisty. The first coon was very scared, but this one seemed more angry than scared.

I was pretty sure there were at least two living in the tree, and they are probably siblings. I was really glad we caught both because I was kind of feeling like a home wrecker!

Ed carried the snarling, snapping, growling little guy to the back fence so all I had to do was put him into the van. I didn't want the little girl who was spending the weekend with us to see him snarling because I was afraid it might scare her, so I put the cage into the van before the girls came out. While I was getting the camera, this little guy curled up and actually went to sleep.

We took him to the same exact spot we released the other coon in hopes that they will find each other. This one didn't hightail it like the other one did, so I was able to get a quick picture of him walking away into the forest. We set the trap again to see if we would catch the mama, but so far we haven't seen any more traces of any wild life in our backyard. Hopefully, our trapping days are over!


Darcy said...

Here's hoping Racoons aren't like skunks and can travel 5 miles in a single night back to their original habitat. LOL. The animal control told my parents skunks do that when they caught a skunk a year ago.

Kim said...

Yeah, that thought crossed my mind too. However, we took them about 15 miles away, so hopefully they'll just adjust to their new home!


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