Saturday, October 11

Presentation Day

Our homeschool group had our first Presentation Day of the year yesterday. The students get up and share a project or recite a poem or something similar. Ryan recited a poem we have been memorizing. I was surprised how eagerly he got up in front (he volunteered to go second)! I was pleased that he actually stood still and spoke clearly and loudly enough for everyone to hear. He did a great job for his first "public" speaking opportunity!

Forgive my snapping a picture during the videos; I had forgotten that it interrupts it.

Abigail has been struggliing this week. She has forgotten a lot of things she had previously learned, such as, the Pledge of Allegience, the Alphabet Song, etc. So at the last minute I decided to have her read one of her Bob Books. She struggled on one page, but otherwise she did a great job!

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