Monday, October 27

Final Game

Ryan had his final game on Saturday, and both he and Gramie were thrilled that she was able to be there to see it! We picked her up at the airport and immediately headed to the ballpark.

The game was held at Alpenrose, a local dairy, that also has built some fantastic ball fields. It happens to be the location for the Little League Softball World Series every year too. The weather was dry and not too windy, and we got to play our favorite team, which was a neat way to end the season.

Ryan played the best game he's ever played! He hustled, he paid attention (don't laugh, it's a BIG deal for this age group!), he made some really great hits, and he got on base a couple of times! He had a first even: he hit the ball into the outfield! After that hit he yelled from first base, "Did you see that, Gramie?!" The crowd got a kick out of that as did Gramie. He was so proud! Considering how hard he is on himself when he doesn't do well, we were so happy to see him doing his best and having such a good time. There was one dark cloud during the game, but overall it was a lot of fun.

Abby doesn't have much patience to sit and watch the games and prefers to run around and do somersaults on the grass and such, but she enjoyed sitting with Gramie during part of this game.

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