Tuesday, October 21

Field Trip

Some of the families in our homeschool group went on a field trip this morning (yep, homeschoolers do those too!). We joined one of the public schools for a Kinderkonzert put on by the Oregon Symphony. Today's focus was string instruments, and it was a lot of fun!

One of the neat things about being there as a homeschooler was that when it was over, instead of having to get the whole class back to their school or room, we got to go up and talk to the performers. The cellist and violist were quick to pack up and leave, but the violinist and bassist stuck around a bit. Ryan and Abby got to strum the bass and were surprised to see how big that instrument is up close!

We're looking forward to the other concerts in the series next year: woodwinds, bass, and percussion.

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a portland granny said...

Great posts since last I visited!! Love the fall foliage pictures. Hasn't it been nice and crisp? I think your little 'golden goose" is a pretty cute girlie!

What a great experience for the children to be able to join with a school for something so extra special.


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