Wednesday, October 1

First Sleepover

Abigail had her first sleepover last weekend. Though we have known the family for years from our previous church, Abby had actually only met her guest once before, so I don't think she knew what to expect. We had a baseball game Friday evening, and my friend met us at the game with her daughter. Abby had been sitting on the steps of the dug-out all during the game pouting about how she didn't have anyone to play with, particularly no little girl.

It was almost bedtime when we got home, but after getting into jammies, Ryan asked if he could read the girls a couple of stories. After stories it was bedtime, and it went much better than I anticipated. I only had to remind Abby a few times to be quiet (I never heard a peep out of our guest!) before they were fast asleep.

The next morning we had a repeat raccoon adventure, so after relocating the coon, we went to the same park again. They had fun playing for almost two hours, and I think they spent almost 30 minutes playing on this rolling barrel. They would try to walk on it and fall off and laugh their little heads off. It was cute to watch them having so much fun.

All good things must end, and we had to get home, have lunch, and then head off to another baseball game. It was a gorgeous day. Daddy played Ring-around-the-Rosy with the girls a little bit, much to their delight.

During the game, the girls played chase, turned somersaults, ran races, picked "wishes" (dandelions), hunted for grasshoppers, and just generally goofed off. Abby so rarely has a little girl to play with that she was having a blast!

Down and ready! The girls are imitating the ball players.

After the game we went home, had dinner, gave the kids baths, and put them to bed. Abby ended up having to go to bed a little early due to some misbehavior on our way home and was out cold when it came time to put our guest to bed. It was even easier than the first night...I'll have to remember that trick for next time!

Next day we all went to church, came home for lunch, and then had to take our very well-behaved guest home. Abby did not want her to leave, but hopefully we will be able to have her over again soon.


Darcy said...

Wow, a sleepover that lasted two night?!?! I assume her parents must have been going out of town??

I love the pic of Abby and the little girl third one from the bottom. They are cute.

Kim said...

Well, we were giving mom and dad a break for the weekend, but we spun it as a sleepover for Abby. :D


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