Wednesday, October 29

Cabin Retreat

This is an enormous Rhodedendron.
It was almost as high as the two-story cabin!

Whenever my mom comes for a visit she encourages hubby and I to get away if at all possible. Often money is an issue, sometimes Ed can't get away from work, and sometimes I just want to stay home and visit with my mom since I only see her one or two times a year. This visit however, we were able to use a friend's cabin for free and Ed has plenty of vacation days stored up, so we spent two nights away!

That's one big leaf!

We left in the late morning for the coast and did some geocaching along the way. It's a totally different experience going without the kids, and we took the opportunity to do a couple of caches we probably wouldn't have if the kids were with us. The scenery was gorgeous, the trees being just at the peak of their color for the fall. Add in a couple of waterfalls, some wildlife, and we had a spectacular display of God's creation during our time away.

After geocaching a bit, we arrived in Tillamook and went directly to the creamery for a chocolate dipped waffle cone. I splurged and got a double scoop! We ran into some friends we haven't seen in three years from our former church in Beaverton, not something we expected on a Sunday afternoon.

We decided to look around the gift shop, something we don't do when we have the kids. The creamery's gift shop is kind of a tight space with narrow aisles and tons of breakables, so we usually just steer clear of it (besides, I'm not really a shopper anyway). You know, life is often ironic. Hubby broke a Christmas ornament! The employee said it happens all the time due to the way they have them displayed, and we didn't even have to pay for it. Indeed, there were evidences of other disasters all around the base of the display!

Next we went to Fred Meyer and picked up some groceries and drove up the Trask River to the cabin. The weather was incredible. It was 76 degrees and sunny in Tillamook. We've been to their in July and frozen our tails off, so this was a surprise. We got to the cabin and opened up all the windows to air out the mustiness and then walked around the property (trying hard not to covet) they have. The house itself is nothing special, but to have a vacation house on such a gorgeous piece of property would be incredible!

We spent that night and the next two days doing almost nothing, and it was wonderful! We played games together, read books, Ed watched the World Series, I worked on my digital scrapbook (I've almost totally given up on my other scrapbooking), we spent time by the river watching huge (I'm talking two-feet long or larger) salmon spawn up the river, we watched a couple movies, and one of us took a nap too. We did spend one morning praying and seeking the Lord about some parenting issues and worked on a plan. We had a wonderful time.

Though we had no cell service or internet connection where we were (gasp!), they did have satellite television. How lucky for us...I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on watching the Obama Channel!

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Darcy said...

Sounds like a nice weekend away!


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