Tuesday, October 7

Subtle Inflation

ETA: My sister-in-law kindly provided me with the elusive link to the shrinking ice cream cartons.

A few months ago my sister-in-law did a post on her blog about how she noticed that manufacturers were making their containers smaller--her example was ice cream--but not lowering the price (try as I might, I could not locate her post). I have been noticing similar things as well, but yesterday as I was putting away groceries, I noticed something else that kind of made me laugh.

When I have a coupon or a good deal, I buy these handy little baking soda boxes to put into my freezer and fridge. I noticed that the boxes I bought yesterday said to "change every 30 days," and I thought to myself that I thought it used to say every three months. Sure enough, when I took out the old one it did say "change every 3 months."

I had to smile when I saw I had written on the box to replace it last June, so it has been in there for seven months, which is pretty typical of how often I actually do change them.

1 comment:

Darcy said...

LOL. Amazing! I think I'd still go with every three months, or seven, or when you remember. LOL.


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