Wednesday, December 31

After Christmas Shopping

Yesterday we took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth...for hubby anyway. We drove up to Lacey, Washington, to let Daddy spend some money at Cabela's. Turns out they were out of everything he wanted to get, so we went across town to the Sportsman Warehouse where he found what he was looking for. Despite not having what he wanted, it is an impressive store. The kids loved all the taxidermied animals and the live trout pond where you can feed really large fish.

Their favorite thing was when they fed the fish in the large aquariums. They had a trout aquarium, but the real excitement was in the other tank where there were walleye, bluegill, catfish, and bass. They threw live fish into this tank for feed, and the kids loved watching the fish hunt their prey (those fingerling trout were terrified!).

At one point during the feeding, a bluegill had a fish by the tail and was trying to get away by himself to finish eating it but a whole group of other fish were following him around trying to get it out of his mouth. Abby got all excited and said, "Look, it's a parade!"


Darcy said...

Oooo. You have a Cabela's up there?? On Christmas, my Uncle and brother were actually talking about driving to the one in Arizona. LOL. Your Cabela's looks similar to tour Bass Pro Shop...they have tanks of big fish and lots of stuffed animals everywhere. It's like a museum.

Kim said...

It's actually about an hour and a half away, but it's a pretty drive.

Ed said...

I have been to Bass Pro Shop's Flag Ship store in Springfield, MO. It is much more impressive than the Cabela's in Lacy. Though, this may be a smaller, less stocked version of what Cabela's normally have. I do know one thing. Sportman's Warehouse is now my store.


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