Monday, December 29

Snow Crocus

We still have several of inches of snow covering the front yard, but it's just about gone in the back. The birds have seemed so happy to go about their usual activity of plucking worms out of the lawn.

We had snow covering the ground for so long and so deeply that I had almost forgotten about the broken limbs on the ground. We'll need to get those cut up and put into the yard debris bin soon.

When the snow was about a food deep, I shoveled a path for the UPS carrier to get to our door (totally unnecessary since they never showed up!), but I accidentally cut the corner of our sidewalk. It wouldn't be a big deal, but I see that our crocus are coming up! I hope us tromping over them for a week didn't kill any of them.

I don't remember them coming up this early last year, but maybe that's why they call them snow crocus?


Darcy said...

Why in the world would the snow be so far gone in the backyard and still so thick in the front?? Does the backyard get more sun???

Kim said...

I guess it does get more sun or it could be that the kids played more in the backyard? I'm not sure either.


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