Wednesday, December 17

Let it Snow

11:00am. You can see the broken branches from
the wind storm we had the night before!

Yesterday morning we still had a light dusting of snow on the ground left over from the day before, but that was quickly covered over by a fresh coat of new snow this morning. It snowed all day long, and it was cold!

1:00pm. About two inches covers the ground.

Usually when we get snow the temperature is barely hovering around the freezing mark, but today it started out in the low 20s and only climbed a degree or two above freezing for an hour or two in the late afternoon/early evening before dropping down into the 20s again.

When the kids and I went out to play in it, the snow was so dry it wouldn't pack well enough to build a snowman, so we just sledded and threw snowballs. Abby spent most of her time (as usual) eating mouthfuls of it!

Apparently, as the temp warmed up, the snow became wetter because by the time hubby got home from work he said there was an enormous snowman on the corner down the street. So we put on boots and coats and walked down to take a closer look. It was probably eight-foot tall! There is more snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so maybe we'll get to build our own snowman then.


Darcy said...

That snowman is amazing!!! Are those apples for eyes? Or tennis balls? LOL.

Kim said...

They were balls. :D


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