Tuesday, December 16

Morning Tea

I'm not sure what happened in my house this morning, but my kids got up and started cleaning the house. without. being. asked! They vacuumed and dusted and swept, they emptied the dishwasher and made their beds. I'm certainly not complaining, but this isn't a typical occurence in our home. It was a very pleasant and welcome surprise!

One of the joys of homeschooling is that I am in control, so today I called a snow day and cancelled school (just so you know, yesterday the public schools were closed and today they only ran half day). We didn't have enough snow to play in, plus it was incredibly cold, so we had a fun day inside. I made some cinnamon streusel scones and a pot of tea, and the kids and I had morning tea and scones. Our back neighbor had also sent over some oatmeal cranberry bars, so we included those also.

It was a fun morning and a nice break from the usual routine.

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