Monday, December 22

A Little Girl's Prayer

Friday before last during our lunchtime prayer Abigail asked God to "Please let it snow...enough for me to play in." It started snowing the following Sunday morning, and we've had snow on the ground ever since, 10 days so far!

That first Sunday, Abby was SO excited and told everyone how God had answered her prayer, and she's still telling people, including the server at our favorite Mexican place. The server then went on to tell us some incredible stories of his own son's answered prayers!

That is a six-foot fence, and the drift is almost halfway up it!

It's hard to say for sure how much snow we actually received because we've had a lot of drifting, but we put the ruler in the middle of the yard and it said about 10 inches there. We have some drifts that are close to three feet high though!

We are really enjoying the weather and are hoping it will stay at least until Christmas Day! The kids will have their first white Christmas, and hubby and I will have our first in about 12 years.

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Darcy said...

And again I say, WOW! That's a whole lotta snow!!!! LOL. And we were mesmerized by the amount just your mom got! LOL


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