Sunday, December 28

Christmas 2008

As I mentioned before, we had the beautiful blessing of a white Christmas, and our whole family thoroughly enjoyed that! Other than the snow, our Christmas was fairly typical. The kids woke up just before 7:00, and we let them empty their stockings. While they were playing with the contents of their stockings, I got breakfast going. We then had our usual breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls. I made half the batch into orange rolls, but they weren't too popular (though I loved them!) so I guess I'll stick to the regular ones next year.

After breakfast cleanup, we opened presents. We had several packages that did not get delivered due to the snow (apparently Oregon UPS doesn't deliver in adverse weather).

We spent the remainder of the day playing with the kids and their new toys, playing games, and of course eating our usual prime rib for dinner.

The only bad note of the day was that Ryan got a severe headache right before dinner and had to go lay down. We gave him some pain medicine, and after an hour of laying still and listening to his new Adventures in Odyssey CD, he was feeling much better.

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