Saturday, December 27

Catching Up

I haven't posted for a week because I've been enjoying my family, enjoying the holiday, enjoying the snow, and enjoying just plain relaxing! We had a nice quiet WHITE Christmas! So now I need to catch my blog up before I'm too far behind and I give up.

Christmas Eve we decided we'd better give the birds something to eat, so we threw some bread out for them. Our local birds aren't used to not being able to get to the ground for grubs and worms and such, and our ground has been covered for a week. Unfortunately, it started snowing again right after we threw out the bread, so they didn't find it before it was buried in an inch of snow. But a few days later when the snow melted, they were all over that bread, devouring it in no time at all!

Daddy and Ryan worked on a pirate ship puzzle that we've had for some time, and Mommy and Abby spent some time doing some last minute baking. Christmas music was playing in the background and snow was falling outside. It was a lovely day!

That evening the kids put on a play for us. It was nonsensical and goofy, but they had a great time!

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the voice of melody said...

That pirate ship turned out very nice! How fun that you were baking with your little girl while daddy and son were working on it. Sounds nice and relaxing! :)


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