Thursday, August 28

God of Wonders

As a side note to our downtown ballet outing, I wanted to mention that after we left the ballet and walked back to the van, I started looking for my parking ticket. I felt a sinking feeling as I realized I had left my wallet at the ballet! This is downtown Portland, and like any downtown, it has lots of people and plenty of panhandlers looking for a handout. I called my hubby, and he dashed back over to the ballet for me since he was closer. I just knew it was gone for good...I'd have to pay the full amount of my parking ticket, call all my credit card companies, stop payment on the check I hadn't yet deposited, and say goodbye to the small amount of cash I so rarely have in my wallet.

As I was hurrying my kids back down the stairs and elevator to the ballet, I caught site of my son praying for me and my wallet and my daughter kept patting my arm and reassuring me that it was going to be fine because she knew God would keep it safe for me (yes, they knew I was upset because I was on the verge of tears...what can I say, I'm a girl!). To my utter amazement, my hubby called me within a couple minutes to say he found it right where I left it, apparently untouched!

The Lord was very gracious to me, indeed! He not only kept my wallet safe, but He allowed me a sweet glimpse into the hearts of my children that I don't often get to see.

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