Saturday, August 9

Pizza & Movie Night

Last night we decided to have pizza and watch a movie. We are trying really hard not to spend any extra money, so instead of the buying pizza or even having the usual frozen pizza, we made our own. ( Our favorite frozen is Freschetta, and it's really good for frozen pizza and cheap too. I can usually pick them up at WinCo for about $5!) The kids got a kick out of creating their very own individual pizzas, or "decorating" them as they call it.

Ryan doesn't even like pizza, but much to my surprise he ate 3/4ths of the pizza he made and said he liked it! I guess all that stuff I've read about involving your kids in the preparation process might have some merit afterall (I still doubt it since he helps me all the time and it usually doesn't change his pickiness).

Though Eddie asked me not to post the goofy picture I took of him when he was preparing his pizza, he insisted I had to post the one of me goofing off while making mine!


Darcy said...'s YOUR blog, you could have not posted the goofy picture of yourself. LOL. But I'm glad you did! I think it's great!

What kind of dough did you use? Did you make it yourself??

Sounds like a fun night! :)

Kim said...

I know, but he REALLY wanted me to post it!

Yeah, I made the dough myself. I used the recipe out of my America's Test Kitchen cookbook. It was pretty good, but I might try another one next time.


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