Monday, August 18

Curling Up With a Good Blog

Today we are having thunderstorms and showers. It's dark and what some would call gloomy, but it happens to be my favorite kind of day, the kind of day that makes you want to curl up with a good book. Though I should be diligently getting the house in order and all the camping gear restocked and ready for hubby's upcoming camping trip or even posting on my blog, I'm not. Instead--in between washing, drying, and folding a gazillion loads of laundry--I've been reading this blog I stumbled across this morning. The blogger has just received her medical degree, but for the last three years has been documenting her journey through medical school, internship, etc.

I dare you to read this or this and not want to read more too!


Darcy said...

I've read this blog from time to time. Pretty interesting, huh??

Danielle said...

hey thanks for the link :)

And congratulations for getting your two young kids to walk from the Space Needle all the was down to Pikes Place. That is a huge undertaking for little legs. Unless you took the Trolley. In which case, I am glad ou did not die ;) Just kidding.

a portland granny said...

I've book marked it!! I love medical stuff and she writes great posts!

Thanks for the tip!!



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