Sunday, August 10

Fishing With Old Friends

Back when Ryan was two and Abby a year old, I did child care for little two-year-old boy one spring and summer. I did it for about five months before realizing I had bit off more than I could chew with three kids under three. However, we became friends with the little boy and his mom, and if I ask Ryan who his best friend is he will say Jakey even if we haven't seen them for a year.

When Ryan had his sixth birthday party earlier this year, Jakey's dad brought him (mom was sick) and we all decided to get together for an afternoon of fishing out at Trojan sometime soon. Well, six months later, we finally did it. Jacob (he doesn't like to be called Jakey anymore, but it's hard to break that habit!), his mom and dad drove out to our house and we all then drove to Trojan.

More bread, please!

We had a picnic lunch amidst rain showers (some were outright downpours), and then the kids played while Daddy pretty much did all the fishing. He caught three trout (one good-sized one!) and a sunfish. The kids were having so much fun and were so excited to see each other that they really didn't do any fishing.

I brought a big bag of stale bread I have been saving throughout the year, and we fed some geese and tried to feed the ducks but the geese were pretty greedy and aggressive.

Abby doing one of her favorite activities, digging in the mud.

The rain cleared up after lunch, and we played some Frisbee. Jacob saw how pitifully I throw a Frisbee and told me he could show me how to do it. So after some instruction, I was doing a bit better. Then the kids spent most of the rest of the day playing castle and wrestle-fighting. Abby took some pretty good body slams to the ground, but she got up looking for more! Ryan held out for much longer than I would have expected as well.

During our time at the park, the Frisbee golf basket became the kids' castle.

Lastly, the moms and kids took a walk around the lake. We saw beaver-chewed trees, frogs (well, I did anyway), sampled some blackberries and Oregon Grape (yuck). Then it was time to pack up and go home, much to Ryan's displeasure. He was comforted somewhat by the thought that we would have trout for dinner!

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