Friday, August 1

Crazy Boatmen & Fishermen

We did a geocache on our way home from camping last month that I wanted to post because it was unbelievable. The cache is called Top O' the Slide, and until you get right up to it, you can't even see what it is. Then when you see it, you can't believe anyone would actually use this thing!

It is an old wood slide or boat launch. Apparently, people actually put their boats on the launch and shove off. As you can see from the picture with Ryan, it starts off at a fairly easy decline, but it gets steep in a hurry.

There's no way to tell from this picture, but when the boat enters the water it is probably close to a 70-degree angle! Who needs a rollercoaster, eh?

This is one of the things I love about geocaching...we get to see things we never would have even known existed! (Oh, and Ryan would want you to know that he's the one who found the cache.)

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a portland granny said...

Wow! Caching up on your blog was most interesting and educational!! I didn't know a thing about building sand creations right in downtown Portland! Didn't know there is a new sky scrapper going in either!

what wonderful memories for your kiddos and how nice that picture taking is so easy to make memories.

What is geocaching? I know you have mentioned it before, but I haven't a clue. Tell me about it. It might be something my grandchildren would get into.

Don't forget we must meet in the park soon.



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