Monday, August 11

Fishing With New Friends

Saturday we went fishing with some old friends, and Sunday we went fishing with some new friends. We first met Brea and Joey at a mutual friends' house on the 4th of July. Since then Ed has discussed some business with them for his company, played golf, and now the kids and I have gotten to know them a little during our afternoon of trying to catch fish together.

They were really excited and had high hopes of catching fish, but unfortunately Abby was the only one to reel a fish in. In fact, she caught two: a catfish, and a large mouth bass.

Restless kids. Ryan is playing with his tackle box and
Abby is peering through the slats to spy out fish in the water below.

There is a nice paved trail that runs all the way around the lake and extends to other areas as well. The kids and I tried to find a geocache that we had previously found but it had apparently been taken (or what we geocachers called "muggled"). We still enjoyed the walk, and the kids sampled thimbleberries and blackberries along the way.

Abby lit up when she saw a couple riding horses along the trail,
and the owner of horse saw her enthusiasm and stopped to ask
Abby if she wanted to come pet the horse...which, of course, she did!

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