Tuesday, August 5

I Never Knew

It's amazing the things I didn't learn in school. Mostly, it is my own fault, though there were some real deficiencies in my instruction as well. For instance, I was never once taught a scrap of information on World War I or World War II! Of course, to my shame, until I was an adult I never picked up a book to read about it on my own either.

This morning's sunrise.

Thus I was dumbfounded to learn that the sun does not rise (yes, I do know the sun doesn't actually rise, but you know what I mean) in the same place all the time. I guess because we live so far north it is more obvious than when I lived in Southern California and Tennessee or maybe I'm just up much earlier now and actually see where the sun rises (And believe me, here in Oregon in June, we're talking 5:00ish). Anyway, it must be about 25 or 30 degrees difference in the location of the sunrise in the summer and in the winter. (That's a guess because I'm not good at angles; it's something else I never learned!) Okay, seriously, did you know that?

Sunrise on December 7, 2006.

So if you see the grouping of three trees on the right-hand side of the upper photograph, then find that same grouping of trees is in the center-left of the lower photo you can see the difference. In fact, it is so big of a difference that from my back door, I can't even get both locations in one shot with my camera since it doesn't have a wide enough angle. Maybe I'm the only one ignorant of Earth's seasonal rotation, but it was interesting to learn!

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