Tuesday, August 12


Late yesterday afternoon, Eddie came home from work and we all headed to Seattle. He has a seminar or training or something, and we are coming along for the ride. Suffice it to say that yesterday was a long one, and I'm just wiping it off my mental books and starting anew today!

The kids slept in a bit this morning, and once they got up, we went down to eat our continental breakfast, which actually had quite a bit to choose from. The kids are currently sitting transfixed watching Tom and Jerry and cracking up like they have never seen anything so funny!

I guess I'll take a shower and pack up. We have to check out by 1:00, but the hotel said we can stay and use the pool until hubby gets done if we want to. After playing in the pool for a while (if there is wifi in the pool area, I'll try to post a couple photos of them swimming!), I think maybe we'll walk to the Seattle Center and perhaps do a little geocaching also.

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