Wednesday, August 20

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Last night at the dinner table, Daddy asked the kids if they knew what tomorrow was. After going through a list of special days, Ryan finally hit upon the answer:

R: It's your anniversary!

D: That's right. Do you know how long we've been married?

R: Oh, about 300 years--no, wait, about 30 years?

D: So let's see that would mean I got married when I was just a couple years older than you are. Are you going to get married when you're eight?

R: Yep. I'm going to marry Malee!

D: Really. Does she know this?

R: Yeah, it was her idea, she's the one who told me.

I'm going to have to start keeping a closer eye on those two. I didn't realize they were courting! As for us, actually it is only 15 years today, but I look forward to making it to 30 (and more).

Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Darcy said...

Happy Anniversary Kim & Ed!

Ed said...


You make each day worth living. I too look foward to making it to 30, 50 or however long God allows.

I love you very much,



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