Tuesday, August 12

Hotel Pool

So here I sit beside the hotel swimming pool, browsing the internet and blogging until my battery dies. The kids are splashing, practicing their swimming strokes, and doing belly-flops (ouch!).

I think my battery must be low because my flash isn't working,
so these are less-than-terrific photos.

Hopefully, this wear them out enough to keep them from bouncing off the walls during our ride home later this evening, though I'm not counting on it. It seems like they have an untapped reserve of energy that they can use at any given moment.

Last August, I sat beside a pool not far from here and watched the kids swim and play too. But this year I am much more relaxed! All their swimming lessons have paid off, and they are well on their way to being competent swimmers.

Ryan is completely over his fear of water and has so much confidence now that he knows he can always turn over on his back and float if he needs to get some air. He and Abby both can float for over two minutes on their backs, and Ryan is getting fairly proficient at treading water.

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DebbieLynne said...

Actually, the photos look more artistic as they are!


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