Thursday, August 21

Oregon Splendor

Are you tired of hearing how much I love living in Oregon? I can't help it, just look at these sights we saw while camping!

Clackamas Lake

This deepest part of this lake is a whopping four feet, but because it's spring fed (and the headwaters of the Oak Fork arm of the Clackamas River) it is extremely cold and clear. There were some girls playing near the dock in a blow-up raft, and they must have told us at least four times that "you can die of hypothermia" if you fall into the water. Thanks, girls, I think I get it!

Little Crater Lake

If we thought Clackamas Lake was cold, it has nothing on this one! As I mentioned in a previous post, Little Crater Lake is 34 degrees year round. It is 45 feet deep, and so clear you can see the fallen timber lying on the bottom. It was formed when an artesian spring forced its way up through a fault and then washed away all the soft siltstone. It is breathtaking to look at (and swim in too, I imagine)!

The hillside was blanketed in these purple flowers. I have no idea what they are, but they were beautiful to see.

Anyone know the name of this botanical?

Oak Fork of the Clackamas River

Timothy Lake

Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood without her winter coat.


a portland granny said...

Having lived in Oregon all of my life, let me be the first to say those are some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen!! What a spectacular state we live in. Thank you Lord for its exquisite beauty!

The lone flower looks like foxglove from which digitalis is made......however I'm not quite sure because I can't quite make out the flower shape. Foxglove flowers look rather bell shaped and I'm not sure if those are.

Its pretty however!

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful pictures!!


Kim said...

I love Foxglove (had never seen it till I moved to OR), but that's not what this is. It's not lupine either. I have no idea what is it. I didn't even know anything bloomed this late, but it sure was pretty covering the hillside!


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