Tuesday, August 5

Harmony at Last!

The last couple of weeks my kids have just been at each other's throats: bickering, pestering, not talking nicely to each other, etc. Yesterday, I had had enough and separated them for extended periods of time throughout the day. We spent all day working on treating each other kindly and politely.

Finally, about 5:00 I allowed them to play together outside, and they played beautifully together (I think they missed each other's company when I separated them)! After a long day of squabbling, it was so refreshing to see them cooperating and giggling and playing harmoniously.

Ryan trying to lift Abby up on his feet,
a game they love me to play with them.


Darcy said...

Oh my goodness, Hannah and Rachel are constantly at one another. I've tried separating, but I can't sit in the middle of the hallway to make sure they stay separated, KWIM?? It's been nice having Hannah back in school, gives me a break from listening to it all. But within half an hour of her being home, the bickering starts......

Kim said...

I'm hoping once we start up school again next month and get back into a "normal" routine, they will settle down. Otherwise I may go bald from pulling my hair out! :D


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