Saturday, August 23

Geocaching Contest

The Mt. Hood Territory is having a geocaching contest. They hid 10 caches in the territory, and the first 250 people to find seven of the ten caches by the end of August gets a geocoin! Then if you find all ten caches by the end of October, you can enter to win a prize package which includes a new GPS.

On our way home from camping we found number seven and number eight! We then drove to the chamber of commerce and claimed our geocoins, which is pictured above. Pretty coin, huh? I'm not sure if we're going to keep them or place them in caches, but it was fun getting them.

Number seven cache for us was at a really neat park in Sandy, Oregon. We found the cache, walked on the trail a bit, and then the kids played for a while.

Abby's favorite element of the playground was this tire swing that she really got going!

After leaving the park, we went to another cache located at an alpaca farm. This was number eight for us...only two more to finish the contest!

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